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Connie Mack 2022 Menu

Connie Mack 2022 Menu
      CONNIE MACK 2022 MENU          
            ****GF BREAD (SANDWICHES)  + $2    
24 oz $3.00 / 32 oz $4.00           (served all day)    
Dr Pepper, Coke, Dt Coke     Candy Bars  $2.00    Turkey Sandwich or Wrap w/Lays  $10.50   
Sprite, Rootbeer, Fanta     Boxed Candy   $2.50    (Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion,    
Peach Ambrosia     Gummies/Bagged Candy  $3.00    Mayo & Must Packets)    
Fresh Lemonade     Cotton Candy  $4.00         
Brewed Ice Tea     Suckers/Ring Pops  $0.50    Fat Boy Sandwich or Wrap w/Lays  $11.50   
CUP OF ICE     Chips  $1.75    (Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Lettuce,     
2022 Souvenir Cup  $1.00 refills  $8.00    Reg or Hot Pickles  $2.00    Tomato, Onion, Bacon, Green Chile,     
(limited quantities... honored at      Popcorn  $3.00    Fat Boys Sauce)    
Ricketts, Worley, & Complex     Kettle Corn: Reg/Jalepeno 8x24  $10.00         
During Connie Mack)     Pretzel w/Cheese & Salt  $5.00    Turkey Salad  $11.50   
      Brown Sugared Pretzel  $5.00    (Turkey, Mixed Greens, Tomato,     
Powerade     Hot Fries Chile Cheese Nachos  $7.00    Onion, Bacon,Cheese, Croutons,     
Blue, Purple, Red, Orange  $2.50    Chile Cheese Nachos Loaded or Un-Loaded  $7.00    served with Ranch)    
Water     (RED OR GREEN)  (Christmas + $1)          
      Regular Nachos  $6.00    Meatball SubTopped with Nacho Cheese


 Energy Drinks     Frito Pie Loaded   $7.00    served w/lays    
Monsters, Red Bull, Bang  $3.50    (RED OR GREEN)  (Christmas + $1)          
      Nathan's Dog  $4.00    Bean & Cheese Bowl TOPPED with A Tamale  $8.00   
Coffee  $2.50    Nathan's Chile Cheese Dog w/Onions & Jalapenos  $5.00    Lettuce, Tomato & Onion    
Hot Chocolate  $2.50    Hot Dog  $3.00         
Dunkin' Cold Brew Coffee  $4.50    Hot Pockets  $4.00    Tamale Ale Cart  $3.00   
      PB & J  $3.00         
ICE CREAM           Beef & Bean Smothered Red Chile Burrito  $7.50   
      SK Jerky Made in New Mexico  $10.00         
Snow Cones   $3.00    Reg, Teriyaki, Dill Pickle,           
Aspen Leaf  $5.00    Green Chile, Red Chile, Honey Jalapeno,          
Dip & Dots  $5.00    Salt Pepper Garlic, Teriyaki          
Frozen Pickle Juice  $0.50          SERVED AFTER 5  25th-29th    
Fudge Sundae    $6.00    Breakfast Made Fresh          
(Topped w/Cool Whip & a Cherry      Served Till 11:00 Every Day     Spaghetti & Meatballs w/a dinner roll 1/2   $5 Whole  $8
Nuts upon request)     Breakfast Burritos  $7.50         
Root Beer Float  $5.00    Bacon or Sausage, Eggs, Hashbrowns,      Open Faced Sloppy Joe   $7.00   
Dreamsicle Float  $5.00    Green Chile & Cheese w/Salsa on the side     Topped with Cheese w/Potato Salad    
Drum Sticks   $3.00    Smothered + Lettuce + Tomatoe=$2          
Upside Down Waffle Cone   $5.00    Croissant Breakfast Sandwich  $7.50    Navajo Taco  $10.00   
Vanilla Ice Cream in a cup  $4.00    Bacon or Sausage, Eggs, Cheese &     Chile Beans with Ground Beef    
      Green Chile      Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Jalepenos    
      Tamale Breakfast Plate          
      2 Eggs, Tamale smothered in Red Chile  $10.00    Fry Bread  $4.00   
      Beans & Cheese served with a tortilla          

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