FAT BOYS DELI 1301 E. 20TH FARMINGTON, NM 87401 505-564-BOYS (2697) PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR ORDER USING OUR WEB-SITE. CALL 564-2697 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. Delivery is available 10-2 Mon-Fri *25% delivery fee on all deliveries **$20 min on all deliveries ***Yes, in-house drivers DO RECEIVE 100% of delivery fees AND tips! OR Grub Hub 10-4 Mon-Sat **Grub Hub fees vary & are not affiliated with Fat Boys Deli, any concerns with orders placed through Grub Hub will need to be addressed with Grub Hub. We do not assume any responsibility of driver errors or delivery issues** Open Daily 10-4 6 days a week Call in orders welcomed! WE CATER TO YOUR EVENT! COMPANY MEETINGS, FAMILY GATHERINGS, BANQUETS, OR WHATEVER YOUR EVENT MIGHT BE. CALL OUR CATERING COORDINATOR 505-801-8114 FOR PRICING! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! WE POST THE SOUP OF THE DAY ON OUR PAGE! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER & PINTEREST TOO!




Served w/YOUR CHOICE OF SIDE $13.75


Albuquerque Turkey

Turkey, Avo, Tomato, Onion, Bacon, Cheese & Mayo

Dirty Pig

Ham, Cheese, Italian Sauce

Fat Boy

RB, Ham, Turkey, Cheese, Bacon, Hatch Green Chili, Onion, Tomato & Fat Boy Sauce

French Dip

Roast Beef, Onions, Fat Boy Sauce & AJUS

Fiesta Chicken

Chicken, Bellpeppers, Corn, Onions, Shredded Cheese & Branch


Spinach, Tomato, Mozta Cheese & Mayo

Piggy Bank

Ham, Cheese, Green Chili, Bacon & Mayo


Pineapples, Ham, Cheese & Cranmary

Twisted Italian

Pepperoni, Ham, Cheese, Pineapples & Pasta Sauce

Pickled Reuben

Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Pickles, Swiss, Cheese, FB Russian

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